Debt and capital market access

Sisu Partners advises investors, borrowers and creditors on structuring and raising capital in a diverse range of circumstances.


Our experience on the capital and debt markets (both public and private) enables us to run sophisticated processes in a way that ensures optimal solutions on the best possible terms.

We provide independent advice which is unconflicted by the desire to sell a financing product. Our only concern is securing optimal terms for our clients.

Typical situations we advise on include:

  • Acquisition finance
  • Recapitalisations
  • Refinancings
  • Expansion capital
  • Existing and potential capital structure
  • Equity financing for public and private companies
  • Certified Advisor services for NASDAQ First North companies

Equity Capital Markets

Sisu Partners originates, structures and executes a wide range of equity transactions such as First North initial public offerings (IPO’s), private placements, secondary public offerings, and block transactions. We have good access to leading institutional investors and family offices in Finland. We work in partnership with other service providers in equity capital markets services in Finland and internationally, allowing our clients to mix and match the individual characteristics of a transaction with optimal combination of distribution network and equity research.

IPO advisory

Companies contemplating an IPO benefit greatly from hiring an experienced independent financial advisor to sit on their side of the table as their advocate during this often bewildering and lengthy process.

Our IPO advisory services include:

  • Pre-IPO planning
  • Review and diligence of the Company’s business plan
  • IPO readiness assessment
  • Legal adviser evaluation, selection and introduction
  • Potential lead manager and syndicate member introduction, selection and negotiation
  • Assistance in prospectus drafting and diligence
  • Advice in transaction structuring and pricing
  • Dual-track advisory

Dual-track advisory

In simplified terms, the dual-track process means that a company planning on an exit transaction has chosen to go down the path of conducting an IPO while also pursuing a possible M&A exit. If managed and executed successfully, a dual-track process may offer a company seeking to exit the best prospects for actually completing such an exit, and potentially at a higher valuation than if either alternative was pursued in isolation. As the dual processes are run in tandem, the target company retains the flexibility to opt for one path versus the other until late in the process.

However, a dual-track process may also have significant disadvantages as preparing for an IPO requires significant management time and attention. Managing the sale of a company also requires significant investment of time and resources. Given distractions of each process on its own, attempting to orchestrate both an IPO and a sale process at the same time will acutely limit the time and attention that management can spend on running the business. As a result, there is a real risk that the business could suffer which, in turn, could significantly impact the success of the IPO, the sale process or both. In addition, competing priorities may lead to sub-optimal result as timing considerations for the IPO and sale process may not align.

Sisu Partners can act as independent adviser to the company or its owners to evaluate the best course of action with objective and specialist advice and execution.

Our other services

M&A advisory

We help clients identify and pursue strategic alternatives and devise strategies to enhance shareholder value.

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Debt advisory and financial restructuring

We provide independent and objective critical thinking in urgent, highly demanding situations.

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