An unsuspected shock calls for proactive reaction

Sudden macro shocks and crises require fast reaction to mitigate both short – and long-term effects. The current situation has put an unprecedented liquidity stress on businesses. Financing is one of the core skills of Sisu Partners and we have extensive experience in securing long-term solutions in difficult funding situations. Sisu’s debt advisory services include:

  • Detailed financing modelling including cash flow analysis, strategy under funding constraints, counterparty risk, risk management and assessment of debt capacity.
  • Optimization of capital structure including choice of financing and the use of alternative forms of financing.
  • Negotiation with creditors on loan structure, covenants and repayment profile.
  • Debt and capital market access. Sisu Partners advises on raising debt and capital in a diverse range of circumstances.
  • Restructuring advisory on capital structure and strategic alternatives. Potential strategies include for instance refinancing of all or part of the existing debt, debt-to-equity swaps, issuance of ordinary or preference shares, convertible or loan with warrants or mergers, acquisitions or divestitures.

Sisu’s partners have advised family offices, corporations and lenders in several key benchmark debt restructuring transactions in the Finnish market.

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